About Us


"Being in STOKED has completely changed my life. It's not only given me purpose as far as mentoring young kids, but it has given me an entirely new circle of friends and like minded people to hang out with and enjoy the weekends with."

— Jennifer Gonzalez, Entrepreneur, Igniter, Supporter, Mentor



Our Mission

When STOKED, a national nonprofit that has a mission of creating a community of fearless leaders through mentoring opportunity and action, was launched in 2005, many things became abundantly clear. While the organization exists to close the opportunity gap for underserved youth by giving them the skills, relationships, and experiences they need to become successful, it wasn’t just the youths’ lives that were changed.

The most profound and unexpected result of STOKED was seeing the lives of the mentors, supporters, and donors lives change, too. From supporting STOKED, there was a trend, or blueprint emerging—people were tapping into the community by giving back, learning new skills, and creating opportunities for themselves. Many of these people have gotten new jobs, new relationships, and life changing opportunities as a result of their involvement.

It was this growth that inspired the beginning of STOKED Lifestyle, the media and culture side of the organization. A project of STOKED, the social enterprise brand started as a podcast and has been slowly expanding to other mediums like Instagram and a private membership community. STOKED Lifestyle seeks to build, hand in hand, a community of highly motivated and creative individuals who want more out of life. As the project succeeds, so does the chance to not only provide opportunities for the current generation, but for the next generation of young people and beyond.

STOKED Lifestyle was started by Steve Larosiliere, an award winning social entrepreneur, marketer, and mentor who’s passion is building and working with businesses with a purpose. Steve serves as the host, mentor, and curator of STOKED Lifestyle.

Steve is also the Founder and President of STOKED. He’s been honored as a Hometown Hero by Metro NY. His work has appeared on the Today Show, GOOD Magazine, NBC Chicago, Modern Luxury, New Yorker Magazine, ESPN, Huffington Post, Nylon Magazine, Fuel TV, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and Transworld Business. Steve’s been named a United Way Senior Fellow and was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Pace University’s Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship.

Steve speaks worldwide on the subject of youth empowerment, social entrepreneurship, and closing the opportunity gap at places such as Do Lectures, Creative Mornings, Nike, The United Nations, and various universities. Steve began his career starting an independent marketing firm working with clients such as Sony Music, Reader’s Digest, and Rock the Vote where he helped pioneer ninja marketing.

All profits from STOKED Lifestyle’s products and services benefit STOKED.