015: Grow, Adapt, and Learn to Make Your Way in the World with Sybil Steele

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EP 015 Grow, Adapt, and Learn to Make Your Way in the World with Sybil Steele

Stoked Steve welcomes Sybil Steele of Temme Media. She is a talented photographer and director. Steve met her years ago with her legendary filmmaker husband Taylor. What does the stoked lifestyle mean to her? Tune in to her story and be inspired!

“Having gratitude and putting in hardwork, appreciating others, putting aside your ego, coming from the heart, and doing good work for others is the best thing you can have at a life. But, sometimes it takes constant reminders to take good care of yourself as well.” -Sybil Steele

City Girl Meets Surfer Boy

Sybil grew up moving to different cities in the US and Japan due to her father's job. She graduated from high school in Washington and went to college in San Diego.

At first, she majored in women studies but eventually shifted to interior design. That's the time when she met her husband Taylor.

Working Alongside Her Husband

When she met Taylor, Sybil was busy studying in college and working as a waitress at a restaurant. According to her, it was love at first sight.

She got to know him better, and found a new world with him. After she graduated from college, she took over his business and focused on the production.

It was a hands-on learning experience for her. She was in-charge of putting up systems with surfers and surf shops.

Home in Different Cities

Many may find it nice to be able to live in different cities around the world. But according to Sybil, it's not really as glamorous.

Moving from place to place was not difficult in terms of comfort. She has been used to it already. But, it's a work in progress.

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