038: Grounding Yourself In Your Dream Life of Doody Free Girl


Jennifer Gonzalez was working at her family’s insurance agency where she felt a little bit constricted. She knew she had a purpose in life but it wasn't something she could immediately pinpoint. In a bid to keep fit, she would run 5 miles every morning. This decision was short-lived as she developed some complications with her knees and hips. The next best idea was to follow a diet plan. She went to a bookstore in search of a health book and what she found at the time was The Raw Food Detox Diet. It sounded so radical to her. This book was filled with important information about detox and she literally became obsessed with it. A colon therapist, Gil Jacobs, recommended the book and has become her mentor since then. Gil encouraged Jennifer to pursue colon hydrotherapy as a career. At the time, she was highly embarrassed to tell people she had colonic but eventually she embraced the idea. She is now a certified colon hydrotherapist and she’s been practicing for almost 10 years now.



In 2009, she went on a trip in Costa Rica. A trip that was initially supposed to be 2 weeks turned into 4 weeks as she didn’t want to leave. It was at this pivotal moment she knew that she didn’t love her job and needed to make an immediate change.

This big leap for her was somehow uncomfortable to explain to her parents. And although they had always been supportive, she still felt like she was letting them down from leaving the family business.  


Yoga, meditation, and working out have been praised to helping keep you grounded and in tune with yourself, but this wasn't necessarily the case with Jennifer. She felt more at peace when socializing. She joined Meetup.com where she met amazing people from the different groups she joined. Something as simple as socializing completely changed her life. From this, she found out about Stoked, snowboarding, and many other activities that were going on around her. She realized getting out of her comfort zone helped to keep her grounded.

She’s a donor as well as a mentor at Stoked and she’s always helped the kids to snowboard, surf, and skateboard. She says she volunteers for selfish reasons as the kids make her feel good about herself and this has also earned her really awesome friends in the network.


Her passion for writing led her to start a blog, Doody Free Girl. She’d write interesting stories about ladies being uncomfortable pooping around their boyfriends and this resonated very well with her client base. Post after post, she grew well enough to be approached by one of her clients who suggested she should move to Jersey City as there was no booming business in New Jersey. Reluctantly, Jennifer went to Jersey and she completely fell in love with the city and space. She moved the business there and it has grown exponentially since then.

She offers gravity colonics service. Gravity colonics is a painless process where the walls of your large intestines, which is roughly 5 feet long, are cleaned and cleared up of the toxins and harmful bacteria. This process results in healthier metabolism. Unknown to many, cleaning up your colon could clear up many diseases which did not seem traceable to having a filled colon.  



She’s looking forward to writing a funny health book focused towards teenage girls because she believes that’s where all this begins.



Website: Doodyfreegirl.com

Melanie Paul