049 Giving Back as Part of Your DNA with Sean Scott of Comunity



Today we’re talking to Sean Scott, also known as “Shoe Dog”, the founder of “Comunity”- a shoe design company designed to fill needs in the LA community..

While working for big box companies like Asics and Nike, Sean felt like he was less of a contributor and more of a weak link. While in these positions, he spent his days feeling like he spent most of his time fixing his weaknesses instead of focusing on his strengths.

Shortly thereafter, while working as a designer at Toms, Sean felt that while working to keep his superiors happy, he was ignoring what he felt were the right things to do by his team. Once he left this position, he was able to gain perspective and realize that he could have done better and wanted to do better. The desire to do work that focused on his strengths while building others up further fueled his entrepreneurial spirit and desire.


Sean says to “always bet on yourself”. Living this way led Sean on the path towards creating Comunity. After leaving Tom’s, he took a year to think about what he truly wanted to do. Instead of just taking a job, he wanted to start a new brand- a giving brand. While on paper, it looked ridiculous, Sean knew it was the right thing to do.


With the idea of starting something smaller while working in a business field that he wanted to chase, Comunity started forming in his mind. Looking in his own backyard, he saw the need in LA. Comunity started to come together as a real idea, and he started planning.

With the desire to take care of his own, he knew one thing. Production couldn’t be overseas. With facilities in LA, the company launched in 2016.


Currently, Comunity is producing custom shoes and using the profits to support the community. They also use their custom space for the dual purpose of a showroom and as a meeting space for people in the community. Comunity’s goal is about bringing people together while fulfilling the needs of the area.

As the company grows, Sean states that giving isn’t only meant for the LA community, but is evolving to have more bases and become about everyone's community.



Website: https://www.comunitymade.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comunitymade/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/comunitymade


Steve Larosiliere